"Never settle for mediocre ever again."

Are you looking for the best hibachi restaurant in Arlington, TX, where tasty food is served every single day? At Mr. Hibachi, we keep our guests happy and their bellies full with our original, delicious foods made fresh daily. At our shop, we believe in creating a place where guests can sit back, relax, and be served the food and drink that will make them satisfied and improve their day. Whether you’re looking for hibachi, sushi, or sake, we have only the best of the best flavors at our restaurant. 

Where there is light, people shall gather. We offer dishes using premium selection of fresh meat. As you walk in, you will feel and smell the appetizing scent of our gourmet meat sizzling on our teppan grills. Please enjoy our tempting original creations using a wide variety of different materials which are combined to be prominent to each other.  We look forward to serving you and hope to see you with big smiles at the end of the night.

about us

We’ve created an environment that is upscale and top-notch, but the prices are always affordable. We want you to eat fantastic meals in a beautiful locale without breaking your bank. No matter what you need to try at our restaurant, we’re sure to create something wonderful and spectacular – just for you.

Contact information

Mr. Hibachi is constantly working to become a pioneer in the industry. We need your help to succeed in that. Leave us a message and of course, any concerns you may have. Community opportunities and involvement is strongly considered. Let us know what you're planning and the best way we can help!


If you aren't already convinced, check us out yourself! Click below to find the information you need to dine with us. We are located in Arlington, TX and we hope to bring the authenticity of Japanese cuisine to you. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for upcoming promotions and giveaways.